Avalon Leads the Way

Avalon is passionate about making sure our customers can live in healthier, more comfortable homes that saves them money today and reduces their environmental footprint without sacrificing beauty and affordability.

Avalon leads the way as a 'green' home builder. We are constantly looking for intelligent new green home building technologies and exploring new products through our Discovery houses. Avalon builds a Discovery house to test and demonstrate the latest in resource efficient technologies and construction techniques. Many of the products and techniques become part of Avalon's standard building specifications.

Discovery 5 is a tangible step towards our mission to build 100% of our homes as net-zero homes while creating homes people love to live in. It means meeting the needs of today without compromising the environment's ability to meet future generations' needs. Green building represents the platform for our home building. Avalon has been a leader of green building techniques and technologies in the Calgary region. All Avalon homes meet standards in energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable building practices and each home is tested and audited by an independent third party.