Homes Approved Homes - Better, Healthier Homes

Avalon Master Builder has partnered with the Holmes Approved Holmes program in the planning and construction of the Discovery 5 House.

Under the program, the Holmes Approved Homes team provides support and knowledge at every step of them home building process. From planning and design through construction and independent inspections, the program verifies the house is built sustainably, to high standards, integrating "green" quality products and construction techniques.

Holmes Approved Homes feature only the highest quality, durable and sustainable products to build a better home from the ground up.

Industry leading features like the extensive use of BluWood products, from the exterior frame up to the roof sheeting, make it resistant to mould, moisture, rot and termites.

Better insulation products work to improve a home's energy performance providing a draft free more comfortable home environment while saving the homeowner money. Holmes Approved Homes use high quality Walltite Eco and Roxul ComforBatt insulation products that also provide sound proofing, moisture proofing and fire proofing.

Holmes Approved Homes also use professional grade foundation wrap that covers the foundation of the home like a protective blanket, preventing moisture from coming into contact with the concrete.

Holmes Approved Homes are inspected eight times during the building process: four on- site inspections by a certified Holmes Approved Homes inspector and four inspections of hi-res photo documentation. This provides a valuable third party review to protect the homebuyer ensuring construction to above industry standard and the use of high quality "green" products.

Avalon Master Builder, a leader in green home building, shares the same passion and commitment to innovative sustainable products and quality workmanship as the Holmes Approved Homes team. The Holmes Approved Homes program gives our homeowners peace of mind: knowing that their new home is the very best in quality and craftsmanship.