Discovery 5 is unlike any other house

Discovery 5 represents the melding of the latest sustainable building technology and materials with functional design based on healthy living principles for people and the environment. Located in the inner city Calgary community of Altadore, Discovery 5 demonstrates how this state of the art house fits seamlessly into today's community aesthetic providing a home environment of beauty, comfort and effortless function for the family that will live here.

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about the Discovery 5 house. We hope Discovery 5 House will inspire you to take your next step into healthier living.

Discovery 5 House is Avalon's fifth green building research house and the third entirely Net-Zero house. Discovery 5, a net-zero house, will produce as much energy as its occupants consume on an annual basis. Solar power provides the energy needed for both electricity and heating demands. The house features both integrated water filtration components and an advanced water collection system to reduce reliance on the municipal water system.

Discovery 5 House will be rated or certified by the following green building programs: Holmes Approved Homes, LEED Canada for Homes and Energuide.

LEED Canada for Homes is a national, third-party certification system that promotes the design and construction of high-performance green homes. Because they have better indoor air quality and are built using non-toxic materials, LEED homes are healthier and more comfortable for the people who live in them. LEED homes are more energy efficient and use much less water than a conventional home, saving the homeowner money on utility bills, while having a smaller environmental footprint. LEED certification is an assurance for potential homeowners that a home is third-party inspected, performance-tested and certified to perform better than a conventional home. Homebuilders seeking LEED-certification are able to differentiate their homes as representative of national green building leadership.